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Dear Shield - after a long and happy relationship YOU HAVE LET ME DOWN!!!!
I am devastated. Your 24hr protection Confidence invisible deo stick for ladies was PERFECT. The only deo on the market not to cause me and my family serious skin rashes. Now your 48 hour has me in such a scratch and unpleasant reaction of raw red raised lumps :( I have had to abandon the use of deo altogether until my poor hot underarms heal. And there's nothing else on the market - any other brand - that I can use. Do you realise how terrible this is for me??? After years of searching then joyful use of the wonderful 24hr stick. Why on earth would you mess with it and then withdraw all the rest of the 24hr sticks off the market? I have searched and phoned every little shop in the most remote dorpies to see if someone maybe had stock I could buy up and stockpile...but no, your agents have been incredibly efficient at removing ever trace of the 24hr stick in order to force us to buy the 48hr lethal weapon :( Why can't the market support both?) PLEEEEEEEZE respond with some good news for me. All my life I've suffered with sensitive skin and Shield was so wonderful I've always recommended it to fellow sufferers (including my two daughters) now we are all so sad and scraping out the last bits from our remaining stock pile and experimenting with zinc ointment and bi-carb soda and other quack remedies from the internet. If you want to boost your sales please offer BOTH - and you can use this as an advertising angle - "24hr for extra sensitive skin, 48 hr for tougher long lasting protection!" I mean what kind of advertising subliminally sends the message that ladies need only reapply their deo after 48hrs??? Surely this implies we only need bath every second day - URGH!!!!
(Angie Franke - author and artist www.angiefranke.com)
Alternatively, do you perhaps have a stockpile of the 24hr Confidence sticks we can buy off you? We really are getting desperate...
PS. I'm thinking of posting this on facebook to see what sort of market research would reveal to the deo designers. Surely your products are made with users' needs in mind? You've lost 3 regular customers already because of poor market research resulting in this alteration of an excellent product... and now we're ALL sorry...sniff]]>
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<![CDATA[Post Title.]]>Fri, 05 Aug 2011 16:18:40 GMThttp://www.angiefranke.com/think-bubbles/post-title-click-and-type-to-editHappy Birthday Auntie Mary

You would have been 94 today I think? Dad would have been 86 on Wednesday  and I think you said you were 8 when he was 'given' to you instead of the baby doll you wanted for your birthday. You are both so much on my mind this week. I'm sorry I didn't ask you both more about family history when you were around.

This 'peace of space' has taken longer than I thought to get going. I'm no good when too many options are offered me - I tend to like them all and have problems choosing. And that takes TIME! And life is about choices - every bit of the way. Peter always says "stop second guessing" - and just get on with it, but I always think of the 'Little Flower' Therese, who when asked to choose from a handful of pretty ribbons said "I choose all"

I like that - an all embracing attitude. I really like that. It feels all wrong to dismiss, disregard, dis-anything... except discover

I would love to include everything - but one has to learn discernment, otherwise everything can be just a muddle with no direction or focus. Art and photography crystallize this for me. And writing - and re-writing. so this web space will be an ongoing experiment in all the variations I can bring together; with time being the catalysing factor.

Dis is a start anyway - YAY! ]]>
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